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December 15, 2014

The New Pétillant Naturel Capital of America?

Along the road that skirts Keuka Lake (one of the most important of New York's Finger Lakes) is an historical marker.  The sign is large, sturdy, made of heavy steel.  It was dedicated in 1967, and has not been altered in any way since then.  

After describing some of the region's history, the marker notes that:

Andrew Reisinger began in 1853 the commercial grape industry in the Keuka region. His production of wine and champagne marked the start of a successful enterprise. Good soil and stable temperatures combine to make the area outstanding for vineyards. It is now called the “Champagne Region of America."

That's right.  As late as 1967, most likely even later, the region was referred to as the “Champagne Region of America." The … [More]



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